Results from the Arktalas Hoavva project

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The Arktalas Hoavva Final report

Arktalas Hoavva Scientific Workshop Report: UNIS, Longyearbyen, Svalbard, 26.- 29. April, 2022.


The eight Arktalas Hoavva Scientific Publications:

Response of Total and Eddy Kinetic Energy to the recent spin up of the Beaufort Gyre (Heather Regan, Camille Lique, Claude Talandier, and Gianluca Meneghello)
Published in JPO, March 2020,

Ocean eddy signature on SAR-derived sea ice drift and vorticity (A. Cassianides, C. Lique, A. Korosov) 
Published in Geophys. Res. Letter 16 February 2021,

Wind-wave attenuation under sea ice in the Arctic: a review of remote sensing capabilities. (Fabrice Collard, Louis Marie, Frederic Nouguier, Marcel Kleinherenbrink, Frithjof Ehlers, and Fabrice Ardhuin). Published in Journal of Geophys. Res.-Ocean.

Driving mechanisms of an extreme winter sea-ice breakup event in the Beaufort Sea. (Jonathan W. Rheinlænder, Richard Davy, Einar Olason, Pierre Rampal, Clemens Spensberger, Timothy D. Williams, Anton Korosov, Thomas Spengler).
Published in Geophys. Res. Letter 15. June 2022  

Modelling the Arctic wave-affected marginal ice zone, comparison with ICESat-2 observations (G. Boutin, T. Williams, C. Horvat and L. Brodeau). 
Published in Philosophical Transactions A. 380

The Arctic amplification and its impact: A synthesis through satellite observations. (Esau, I.; Pettersson, L.H.; Cancet, M.; Chapron, B.; Chernokulsky, A.; Donlon, C.; Sizov, O.; Soromotin, A.; Johannesen, J.A.).
Published in Remote Sens. 2023, 15, 1354.  

Impact of sea-ice friction on tidal modelling in the Arctic Ocean, modelling insights at various time and space scales. (Mathilde Cancet, Florent H. Lyard, Ergane Fouchet).  Submitted to Ocean Modelling 2023.

Knowledge Gaps and Impact of Future Satellite Missions to Facilitate Monitoring of Changes in the Arctic Ocean. (Lucas, S.; Johannessen, J.A.; Cancet, M.; Pettersson, L.H.; Esau, I.; Rheinlænder, J.W.; Ardhuin, F.; Chapron, B.; Korosov, A.; Collard, F.; Herlédan, S.; Olason, E.; Ferrari, R.; Fouchet, E.; Donlon, C.) 
Published in Remote Sens. 202315, 2852.